Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Poetic Suture I

There are moments in my life that reference myth, but the reference rarely emerges naturally.
(I’ll use the word myth broadly, to talk about the poetic, metaphorical, allegorical, visual, melodramatic, archetypal, etc.)
Every story I write has at least one moment: someone drops a trail of dog food behind them (like in Hansel and Gretel), someone feels discomfort because there’s semen on the underside of their mattress (like in the princess and the pea), there are seven men in the house (like in Snow White), the person lying in your bed isn’t who you thought they were (like in the little red ridding hood).
But this is fiction. In real life, when the references to myth aren’t immediately perceived, I think it’s important to highlight them and even to fabricate them.
Every story, every experience can only persist in its telling. I’m coming in on the side of poetry, even if it means sometimes grafting in some metaphorical wolf-valves into the metaphorical heart.

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