Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Smart neurons

As neurons are connected to the processes of thought, well—I think of them as smarter than other cells. Ridiculous, I know. What does “smarter” mean? I have no idea, but whatever it is that differentiates neurons from other cells, that will inform my definition of “smarter”.
Okay, so I'm looking on the internet to find out what is unique to these cells. I'm told that the main differences are that when neurons die, they are not replaced. They make new connections throughout life, but they don't reproduce. Their membranes are specialized to communicate with other cells both electrically and chemically.
Hm... So, in conclusion, smart people fall in love fast, and hard, and often—they are well connected, they are always making new connections. They communicate electrically (static electricity) and chemically (they smell good). They don't have kids, ever. And when they die, no one is able to replace them. Or maybe no one really wants to replace them.


  1. I love that! U have to talk about that to me in french do... It's really interesting!

  2. it's all very silly :) I think I might be obsessed with the idea of "smart", which makes me want to make fun of myself, just a little.

    Mais, il y a plein de choses à discuter :) je devrais essayer d'écrire en francais aussie...